Sunday, December 19, 2010

Posts At Eventide Resource Guide For Independent AAPL Analysts

Posts At Eventide Resource Guide For Independent AAPL Analysts
As a moderator of the Apple Finance Board and an independent Apple analyst, two of the challenges I encounter in preparing quarterly estimates are finding useful historical information about Apple's quarterly results and formatting that information for purposes of analysis.
My AAPL quarterly estimates and share price forecasts are influenced by the company's more recent results. Consequently, finding and storing appropriate financial information is essential in the estimate and forecast development process. As a benefit to members of the AFB and regular readers of this blog, over the past few weeks I've posted a series of entries that provide "the essential building blocks" in developing quarterly estimates for future periods based in part on the company's more recent results. 
I'm posting the links to the pertinent blog posts as a reference guide for readers working  on their own quarterly estimates:
It's my desire for this work to be a benefit to all readers seeking to understand Apple's recent quarterly performances and to serve as a repository of information about the company's recent results for the benefit of other independent analysts preparing quarterly estimates and share price forecasts.
Robert Paul Leitao

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