Saturday, March 12, 2011

Posts At Eventide Resource Guide

Posts At Eventide Resource Guide
As a moderator of the Apple Finance Board and an independent Apple analyst, two of the challenges I encounter in preparing quarterly estimates are finding useful historical information about Apple's quarterly results and formatting that information for purposes of analysis.
My AAPL quarterly estimates and share price forecasts are influenced by the company's most recent results. Consequently, finding and storing relevant financial information is essential in the estimate and forecast development process. As a benefit to members of the AFB and regular readers of this blog, I've posted a Posts At Eventide Resource Guide comprised of  links to Eventide posts that provide financial information for use in the developing quarterly estimates for future periods based at least in part on the company's recent results. 
It's my desire for this work to be a benefit to all readers seeking to understand Apple's recent quarterly performances and to serve as a repository of information about the company's quarterly financial results for the benefit of other independent analysts preapring quarterly estimates and share price forecasts. 
To maintain relevance and timeliness, the listing below includes only AAPL-related articles published over the most recent 12 months. 

Robert Paul Leitao

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Apple Macintosh: Success In The Era of Handheld Devices

The Apple Macintosh: Success In The Era of Handheld Devices
For much of Apple's storied history the company's revenue was generated primarily from one product line - The Macintosh line of personal computers. The release of iTunes for Windows and the opening of the iTunes music store in 2003 transformed a Macintosh peripheral called the Apple iPod into a global success unimagined when the first iPod hit the market in 2001. 
I purchased an Apple iPod soon after it came to market and used it as an external FireWire drive for storing files and copies of the various Web sites I managed. I remember attending a conference for technology educators in 2002 at which the Apple iPod was pitched as a tool for moving curriculum content from one classroom to another and as a portable storage resource for educators. The Apple iPod became for a time Apple's flagship product only to be supplanted by the Apple iPhone and the resurgence of the Mac following the Intel transition. 
From the company's humble beginnings in a Silicon Valley residential garage to today, the Macintosh remains one of Apple's most important product lines. Even in this post-PC era ushered in by the success of the iPod and subsequent development and release of the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, the Macintosh line of personal computers remains an integral component of the company's continuing revenue and earnings success. 
The Apple Macintosh In The Post-PC Era
On January 29, 2011 I published a post titled The Macintosh Revenue Paradox and on February 5, 2011 I published a post titled Apple Retail Stores: Macintosh Sales Center And More. Today I'm completing this thematic look at the Macintosh line's unit sales and revenue performance with a comprehensive review of the product line's results for the most recent nine fiscal quarters. 
The graph and table data below illustrate and delineate the Mac's consistent revenue growth over the most recent nine fiscal quarters.