Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple Isn't Perfect

Apple isn't perfect.

It's about time this has been widely and publicly acknowledged. One of the things that had disturbed me for the past couple of years was the expectation of naysayers that Apple would eventually flub it in a major way. In fact, one could perceive a growing resentment of Apple's string of hit products and the company's overwhelming success.
There's a silver lining to the iPhone 4 issue and thanks to the company's highly public response, the misperception of Apple being a company that sees itself as perfect or a company that has somehow become unjustifiably arrogant can be put to rest. 
The iPhone 4 issue may become a high-profile non-issue. For those of us who expect the share price to reach or exceed $400 within twelve months a challenge of this kind couldn't have come at a better time. 

Robert Paul Leitao


  1. There definitely has been a tsunami-like piling on Apple over the antenna issue. I agree that the Apple negativity has been building over the past few years....almost directly proportional to Apple's overall growth during the same period. The negativity intensity from competing companies *Microsoft Rim, Google, Nokia etc seems to be matched by some WS analysts/pundits/journalists/bloggers, who seemingly do not take Apple seriously ("just a gadget company")....and give the impression that Apple's share price is way overblown.It's like an epidemic!

  2. Apple's continuing success has more to do with the development of a strong product platform and expanding global sales reach than it has to do with the performance of any single product line.

    No matter the company's public prominence and the popularity of the company's products, Apple fiscal performance and financial success remains mostly misunderstood.