Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apple 2.0: Philip Elmer-DeWitt Hits A Content Grand Slam

On this hectic Easter Sunday evening, in the brief moments between dinner preparation and time with family and friends, I came across Philip Elmer-DeWitt's latest column posted earlier tonight. I recommend this column for readers of Posts At Eventide.
As a writer and student of economics, this Apple 2.0 column addresses many of the themes concerning Apple's approach to the marketplace and the company's success developing new products that I focus on in my posts in this blog.
The PC industry is quickly losing its economic clout and personal computers as we have known and used them are losing significance in our society. Handheld devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones and now the Apple iPad are transforming the way we communicate and the way we access and consume digital content. 
I'll be back later this week with a look at the iPad's success and with estimates of how much this new product will impact Apple's financial results. In the meantime I recommend Philip Elmer-DeWitt's latest column for Sunday night reading. 
As the 2010 Major League Baseball season opens (and many of us have come to enjoy MLB's iPhone OS apps), I consider this Apple 2.0 column a comparative grand slam in these early days of reporting on the iPad's significance to our society, its economic impact on the PC and digital device industries and its all but certain overwhelming global success.  

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