Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 3GS iPhone Has Made Me A Believer (Again!)

I remember the fateful day 25 years ago when I saw in person the wonders of the Mac. It changed the way I viewed personal computers. Back In 1984 everything about the Mac screamed for the user to come closer to the device and put it through its paces. Roughly 13 years later the Bondi blue iMac created a similar appeal.

I had been using an original iPhone and thought digital life was good. That was until a brief vacation in June when my iPhone became my primary communications device. My fellow vacationers were zipping around the Internet with 3G iPhones while I was waiting for the EDGE network to (maybe) load pages.

Last month I bit the bullet, signed a two-year contract with AT&T and plunked down $200 plus tax for a 3GS iPhone. Similar to the excitement of using a Mac for the first time, the 3GS iPhone has changed the way I see iPhones. The big step in development from the original iPhone to the 3GS is remarkable. Pages load quite quickly on the 3GS and the variety of apps written to take advantage of the iPhone's compass and GPS abilities are also noteworthy. This products makes me an Apple believer (again!).

I'll get into the iPhone's sales numbers in future posts and the importance of the app store in Apple's effort to build out the iPhone's eco-system, but this product is a clear winner that not only differentiates this Apple product form competing products in the marketplace, it may very well be the first in a series of products that will destroy the underpinnings of the PC market Apple helped to create.

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